Big Dicks Little Asians

Be prepared to squirm in your seat if you choose to delve into the extremely penetrating world of Big Dicks Little Asians! As the title implies, east meets west here, with a huge emphasis on large cocks probing tiny Asian women in all the right places.

The visitor preview is pretty honest, but I did not appreciate getting a popup console – especially when I set my browser to let other sites know, I don’t want popups. They’re going to lose points for that. As a surfer, I want to be treated with respect by the sites I visit. Aside from that, from the site promises to offer the viewer an exclusive collection of sweet Asian teen women coupling up with well-endowed studs of various races. Big Dicks Little Asians do deliver what it promises.

Upon stepping into the member’s area, I am immediately greeted with a simple menu of all the main features, followed by a table of thumbnails for each of the lovely Asian babes linking to their photo and video offerings. ALL of the Asian women featured here are beautiful, charming, and very adventurous as far as their willingness to get their fill of enormous manhood.

The exclusive content for members features a dozen models. That may seem a bit light at first, but each of the models is very exotic, petite, and can take on the largest of cocks in the tightest of places. Each model is presented in a familiar format starting with a mini interview where she tells us a bit about herself, and after some solo posing and masturbation with fingers and toys, her well endowed male partner enters the scene and the extreme interracial penetrations begin. The models vary in their particular talents which include: oral sex, straight intercourse, and even big anal penetrations.

If you want to see sex up close and personal, this site offers front row seats. For each model, there are one or more movie sets you can download or view in a streaming mode in low and high quality (WMV) resolutions. A hi-res (1000?600+) thumbnailed picture set corresponding to all the modes video activities is available as well.

Aside from the great original quality, if your member entertainment was limited to the exclusive content, you might feel a bit short-changed, but fortunately, this site offers lots of additional member bonus content along the same theme and a few others as well. I don’t usually give the same points to plug in content as I do to original content even if the plugin content is of high quality (and it is in this case). If you’re an avid adult membership site consumer, sooner or later, you may find yourself tripping over the same bonus plugins which may take away from the value of having multiple memberships.

That’s why I like to focus on what a site offers exclusively first, voyeur videos and then fluff it up the plugged in goodies. As with most popular plug-in content, both pictures and videos are available of very good quality and reasonable variety. If you don’t sign up to many different sites then the plugin content is as good as original and you need not worry about overlapping galleries.

As we scroll down to the final segment of the member’s area, you may get the impression that you were just Shanghai into up-sell central. While this is not uncommon with paysites, some members get miffed when they are pitched more stuff to buy after they have already paid. Such is the life of an adult site aficionado, and in the case of Big Dicks Little Asians, the balance is an acceptable one.

If you want to check this site out from the private side, you can do it on a trial basis first, for as little as $2.95 for three days, or reserve your show seat for one month at $24.88. If you’re into Asian chicks riding monster dicks, I suggest you give Big Dicks Little Asians a try – it is the real thing