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Yes, this site is apparently, all about 14 inches (and BIGGER) dicks in action (and not about 14 guys with one-inch dinkies). Before we check out the member’s side (so to speak), the preview merits a few comments. If you have been following the online porn biz since the beginning, you will probably have noticed some popular style changes to tours as adult sites shifted from archives to reality and magazine style destinations. 14 Inch Dick presents its guest preview in an older style format with very little explicit detail and lots of promises. I always get suspicious when sites make lots of generic claims and hit me with popups (like this one does): thousands of gigantic hi-res photo galleriesinteractive live video chat rooms thousands of girls getting pounded by huge cocks. With this in mind, let’s move into the paid zone and see exactly what 14 Inch Dick delivers (or not).

The members home page is simple enough with links to Picture Galleries, Movies and Video Clips, Staff Picks, Bonus Photo Galleries, Bonus Videos and Movies, Adult Shop. But from a quick click around, I was disappointed with what seems to be a very high ratio of upselling links to actualfree and clear paid content for members. The member’s area claims 300,000+ pictures, 40,470 Video Clips, 1,450 Movies, and 345 Live Girls BUT from my inspection, I was not swept away by the reality of those claims. While they may be true (from some obscure semantic perspective), I was not impressed by the way in which this site delivered the goods.

As this membership is oriented to monster sized cocks, I looked more closely at the ACTUAL big dick content and here’s what I found: 11 picture galleries and 7 movie galleries devoted to The Best of 14 Inch Dick. The News and Updates area did include about a dozen movie sections, but they did not seem to have much to do with 14 Inch Dicks. The Staff Picks of the Best of 14 Inch Dick was even more disappointing than the News and Updates area – again, far removed from the 14-inch topic and laced with upsells.

This is not the first site I have reviewed with such a lame promise to delivery ratio, and it seems in keeping with older style overpriced archives that try to offset chargebacks with tons of general bonus content. Before we get to the bonus materials, here’s the scoop on the big dick galleries. The photo galleries DO have a very nice thumbnailed navigation system which lets you browse the photos (805? 531 or so) forwards, backward, and up to the index. The photos are sharp, explicit, and feature women having sex with men (Caucasian and black) with boner fide 14+ inch woodies. Of the content devoted to the main topic, it IS good

The movies devoted to the huge members are also very good offering several streaming viewing formats: WMV 56K/150K or Java 56K/150K. The movies are explicit and show women (one or more) getting it on with exceptionally well-endowed guys. Unfortunately, I doubt it will take most members too long to whiz through the on-topic content and be left with the bonus galleries to justify their membership.

The bonus content seems to be where the beef is really hiding. The usual popular topics are available in pictures and movies: Amateur, Anal, Asian, Bathing, Ebony, Fat Girls, Fetish, Hairy, Latina, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Old, Pee, Smoking, Teens, and Voyeur. I suspect, this is where the makers of the site are coming up with their gallery counts.

You can try this site for 3 days ($2.95) and get a full month for $39.95. With all the (much less expensive) gonzo and big dick reality sites out there, I suggest you either try the 3-day membership first or just move on to something which presents and delivers with a better boner to bonus (content) ratio! As far as I’m concerned, 14 Inch Dick is too stuck in the nineties to be a good deal today!