Pure Plumpers
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Pure Plumpers is a site dedicated to women that are past the point of voluptuous. If you’re only looking for chubby girls, don’t bother clicking the link: these girls are huge! You can try out this site for, and it’s well worth it if you dig the fattest chicks around.

The member’s area is hard to navigate, but that’s just because there is so much available. In my opinion, its worth lousy navigation to get as much content as you do. Once you’re inside, there are tons of big girls staring right at you. There is also an overwhelming amount of bonus material in various niches scattered about. I would prefer that the bonus content was toned down, but I cant really complain about getting all those extras the owners of the site are just trying to give a member the most for their money. As for the details of the bonus material, there is so much of it that I’m sure there is a little bit of everything. Now let’s get to what you’ll really be paying for, the Plumpers:

There are quite a few different assortments of photos and videos: both soft and hardcore. The site has these girls in every possible scenario from gangbangs to spankings. The photos and videos are of good quality and have some pretty creative concepts, my personal favorite being a huge girl wearing a pig mask (although I think she is much bigger than a pig!) I can’t tell when updates are done, but there is a lack of material to look through.

My favorite aspect of this fetish is that there are no stereotypical fat chicks. They come in all shapes, ages, colors. There’s no standard pattern for their roles, under the clothing all the girls are extremely diverse. I would recommend this website for people who enjoy these types of women. For the cost of buying one of these girls another burger, you can see them in all their glory $1.95, you can’t go wrong with Pure Plumpers.